Five Favorite WordPress Plugins

While our software is great when it comes to registering domain names, it doesn’t do much in terms of developing or designing them. Some of our users drop catch expired domains for the purpose of flipping and therefor only need to park them without any development. Others who chase after expired domains for SEO purposes […]

Five Great Features in DesktopCatcher

One huge benefit to buying a licensed copy of our software is that you also get access to a variety of extra tools which can be used to help everyday webmasters and internet marketers. Even if you aren’t trying to register dropping domain names on a daily basis, this software probably has some extra features […]

New Version Released (v7.1)

It’s been a little while since I last posted a blog article regarding some of the recent updates happening inside of DesktopCatcher. Now that 7.1 has just been officially released I think it’s time again! There have been tons of different changes since my last blog post when Version 6.6 was released a while ago. […]

Setting Up the NameBay API

NameBay is another great option to run for drop catching! Their reseller prices are affordable and comparable to most others with .COM & .NET domains costing a little under $10/each. This short article will explain how you can obtain NameBay API access and begin running them. This API sends about 1 request per second, offers […]

Domain Investment Ideas for Fall 2015

This year has been a great one when it comes to new domain trends. Especially for those using software like DesktopCatcher! Allot has happened throughout the industry within the last year and there are all kinds of new investments you can think about getting into and have success with using our software. But, good trends […]

Redirect Expired Domains and Improve SEO

It’s not just domain investors that you see drop catching expired names these days. In fact, lots of traditional internet marketers and search engine optimization experts have also realized they can often find hidden gems within the lists of expiring domains. They can catch authoritative domains for registration cost and then immediately start using them […]