Drop Catching Tip: Slow Connections

Drop Catching Tip: Slow Connections

When I’m speaking with someone about DesktopCatcher they often ask me how it runs compared to a web based PHP script. The main reason allot of people ask this question is because a web based script is hosted on the data centers internet and this connection is almost always going to be faster than your local DSL or Cable connection. A faster connection can push more requests which, in return could show better results.

I decided to put this to the test myself. I went over to Burst and picked up a cheap Windows VPS running Windows Server 2012 for about $12.95 per month. Once I got the VPS setup I used Remote Desktop to get connected and then installed DesktopCatcher. Once that was done I had to visit each registrar and update the IP to my new servers address. Now, back on my regular PC I go and visit my favorite expired domain website and decide which names I want to chase on the upcoming day. Once I have my list setup I go back into my Windows VPS, copy/paste the domains into a text file and save them, open DesktopCatcher, Select my registrars, Load the list and set the scheduler – then click Run. That’s it! I can close out of my VPS and the software will run on schedule using the same connections that any web based PHP script out there would be using.

How were the results?
That’s a great question. Although I haven’t had the chance to compare the speeds to a Cable internet connection, the speeds are noticeably faster than my DSL connection. So, if your connection is slower than standard DSL and you can afford the smallest Windows VPS plan from Burst (about $7.95 per month) – It’s well worth the money! There are allot of benefits to using a Windows VPS for drop catching with DesktopCatcher:

Your IP Never Changes – Just like most standard web hosting plans, once your account is setup on the hosts server and your IP is assigned it is likely to never change. Although this doesn’t happen as often with Cable internet connections, DSL and Dial Up internet connections change IP addresses frequently. Get a Windows VPS and it will be the last time you’re logging into registrars and updating your IP address.
Connect From Anywhere – The great thing about Windows VPS accounts is that you can connect right to the desktop using Remote Desktop from a mobile phone application or computer. Just login with remote desktop, open the software and prepare everything, then close it and forget about it until whenever.
Faster Internet Connection – As I said before, I can’t really confirm this compared to Cable internet right now – But speeds are definitely faster than standard DSL and dial up connections.

As I previously said, the cost for a small Windows VPS at Burst is around $7.95 per month. It may be worth the small extra cost to enjoy a faster connection, remote access and the ability to have your drop catcher sitting and running from somewhere other than your personal computer. If you decide to purchase a virtual private server from Burst and would like some assistance getting everything setup then please contact us. We are available and happy to help!

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