API Drop Catcher

API Domain Drop Catcher

The API Drop Catcher currently utilizes eleven different domain registrar APIs to automatically drop catch deleting domain names directly into your user account. Each registrar has different settings, limits and requirements put in place for you to begin using their API services. Don’t worry though – We go over all of that in a detailed eBook which is included with your purchase of DesktopCatcher! Getting Application Programming Interface (API) access to most domain registrars is quick and simple. Many just require signing up for a free account and depositing enough funds to cover your registration costs. Click the “Download Now” button above to grab your copy and start learning more about each registrar!

DesktopCatcher is currently the only Windows based application which supports multiple domain registrar APIs in one simple user friendly interface. By running the DesktopCatcher software on your computer (or server) you’ll be able to setup and run up to one dozen different application protocol interfaces at the same time! Best of all, the domain registrars inside our software are all well established and known in our industry. Increase your odds of drop catching more expired domains everyday by using DesktopCatcher and sending multiple registration requests every second!