Gandi Drop Catcher

The Gandi API Drop Catcher

Our Gandi API Drop Catcher is coded around version 4 of their API and website. They support a variety of different gTLD and ccTLD extensions. We highly recommend all users setup and run the Gandi API since DesktopCatcher has the ability to run multiple threads simultaneously with your Gandi reseller account. Gandi is also extremely affordable to setup with only a small minimum deposit required to get API access. With affordable pricing and the ability to run simultaneous threads with each account, Gandi is currently one of the fastest registrars available. Visit our blog right now and read the guide on How to Setup Gandi inside so you can see how easy it is to get them running. This registrar can help increase your odds of drop catching more expired domains!

Gandi Drop Catching Extensions

COM – NET – ORG – INFO – BIZ – TV – CC – COM.AU – CA – FR – IT – RU – SE – CO.UK – ME – MOBI – AT – DE – CH – NL – PH – IO – IN – CO.IN – Many Others!

Gandi One-by-One Feature

This unique feature takes your list of COM/NET domains and automatically arranges them into their exact drop order. DesktopCatcher will take your domains and check them to see which one will drop first, second..etc. Once in order, this thread will put all of its focus on just one domain at a time. So, rather than cycling through your entire list of domains, it only tries to register the first domain which is suppose to drop. Once that domain has dropped and been registered (by you or someone else), it will then move onto the second domain, and so on. This increases your odds of catching more COM/NET domains because all focus is being put on one domain at a time!

Gandi API Limits

The Gandi API has a maximum limit of 30 API calls allowed every 2 seconds. DesktopCatcher will run multiple threads simultaneously and send the maximum number of requests allowed each second.

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