How to Setup Gandi API in DesktopCatcher

How to Setup Gandi API in DesktopCatcher

Gandi is the latest registrar to be added inside DesktopCatcher and we recommend all users enable them when drop catching. The Gandi API is fast at performing domain availability look ups, but it can be rather slow at completing registration requests. To help increase your odds of being more successful we’ve added a Secondary Registrar option that will let you use a separate registrar to complete registrations more quickly. Those of you who want to run the Gandi API (with or without the secondary registrar) can follow the simple steps below to get your account setup and running. If you have any problems or issues just contact us and we can help.

Step 1) Create a Gandi Account Here (You MUST select the “reseller” option when signing up).

Step 2) You will have to make at least one deposit for API access to get enabled. Users planning to enable the Secondary Registrar option will only need to prepay the minimum amount ($10). Those wanting to register domains directly through Gandi will need to prepay enough funds to cover a few registrations. To do this, login and click “Billing” in the top menu followed by “Prepaid account” in the sub-menu. You will then need to click and Activate your prepaid account. After that, click “Credit” and deposit funds.

Step 3) Once your account is funded you can enable API access. To do this, Login Here Using Version 4 of the Gandi Website and click “Account management” in the top menu, followed by “API management” in the sub-menu. First, click and activate the test API. Next, click and activate the production API below that. Copy your production API key to use inside the DesktopCatcher settings.

Step 4) Open DesktopCatcher and browse to Settings – API Settings – Gandi – Key. Paste your API key under the main tab, complete any other required fields for ccTLD domains, and those wanting to run a Secondary Registrar will need to choose which registrar they want to run (Be sure you have already saved the API Settings for your Secondary Registrar). Then, click the “Submit” button.

You’re now all set to go! I recommend closing DesktopCatcher completely and re-opening to make sure your new settings get stored and written into the Gandi settings file. You can now enable and run the Gandi API for expired domain drop catching anytime!

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