Six Annual Domaining Conferences

Six Annual Domaining Conferences

Domain conferences can be one of the best places to setup new contacts around the industry. As a domain investor or developer, one of your biggest tasks should be to constantly expand your knowledge of this growing industry. It’s constantly changing and just like anything else in this new digital era – trends and other things change quickly. It’s not always easy to develop your strategies from scratch and this is one area domaining conferences can help. You’ll be able to connect with others and ask questions while also listening to a variety of helpful seminars from successful domainers that know exactly how the market works. Conferences aren’t exactly cheap, though. Admission prices range, but you’ll also need to figure in hotel, airfare and other expenses. If you have a domain business these types of things can potentially be written off, but many investors will just pick one or two conferences per year to attend. In the end, the cost you pay to visit these conferences could be well worth it compared to what you’ll make with the knowledge you get from them. Listed below are several of the most popular domain conferences being held around the world. Check them out and consider trying to attend one if it’s being held nearby. You’ll get to meet new people who work in the exact same industry as you, while also expanding your knowledge over the industry! Simply visit Google and search for any conference listed below to access its official website.

DomainersMeet – DomainersMeet is preparing to hold their second annual domain name conference. It’s held in Dubai and markets an exclusive and relaxed environment.

Domainfest – DOMAINfest started in Barcelona, Spain back in 2006. They’ve held events all across the world in cities like Amsterdam, Barcelona, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Prague, Santa Monica, Seattle, Sydney, Vancouver, Wellington and Macau.

DomainX – DomainX is one of the largest domainer conferences held in India.

Domain Pulse – Domain Pulse launched in 2004 and is co-hosted by the registries of Austria (, Germany (DENIC) and Switzerland (SWITCH). The location varies each year between Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

NamesCon – NamesCon is one of the most popular domain conferences around the industry. It takes place once a year in Las Vegas and usually features several popular speakers.

NDDCamp – NDDCamp is held in France and focuses on domain names, SEO, marketing, law, and other technologies. It’s organized each year by two French domain investors: David Chelly and Philippe Franck

As you can see, domain investor conferences are being held all across the globe from the United States to Asia, Europe, and even India. Feel free to drop a comment below sharing the different conferences you’ve attended and which are you favorite!

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