The AJM.Domains API Drop Catcher

The AJM.Domains API Drop Catcher (can also be used with ResellerClub) is a great choice for anyone who wants to drop catch ccTLD (country code top level domains) and other domain names that have smaller drop windows. The main reason AJM.Domains/ResellerClub is not recommended for more popular domain extensions is because there is a daily limit on the number of requests that you can send. Although there is a daily limit, option offers a variety of domain extensions which other registrars do not. You can also enjoy affordable pricing and easy setup. With all of that in mind, we recommend all users setup AJM.Domains or ResellerClub by following these instructions!

AJM.Domains Drop Catching Extensions

COM – NET – AU – ORG – BIZ – NAME – ASIA – INFO – DE – TEL – MN – CC – BZ – TV – UK – ME.UK – CO.UK – CN – CN.COM – EU – CA – RU – ME – IN – CO.IN – WS – NZ – NL – SX – PW – XYZ

AJM.Domains One-by-One Feature

This unique feature takes your list of COM/NET domains and arranges them into their exact drop order. DesktopCatcher will take your domains and check them to see which one will drop first, second..etc. Once in order, this thread will put all of its focus on just one domain at a time. So, rather than cycling through your entire list of domains, it only tries to register the first domain which is suppose to drop. Once that domain has dropped and been registered (by you or someone else), it will then move onto the second domain, and so on. This increases your odds of catching more COM/NET domains because all focus is being put on one domain at a time!

AJM.Domains Drop Catcher Limits

This API allows for one domain check every 1-2 seconds. Along with that, the AJM.Domains API is limited to 900 API calls per day. Our software will automatically track the number of API calls and stop once it has reached 900. This will automatically reset each day to help prevent potential bans.

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