Domain Drop Catching Overview

Everyday there are thousands of expired domains dropping and becoming available for new registration. The reason these domain names drop is because their previous owner did not pay the annual renewal fee. It’s an extremely competitive market where automation can offer a huge advantage over competition that may be wanting the same domain. By using software to send multiple purchase requests for a domain several times each second, it gives those using an automated tool much higher success rates compared to those trying to register an expired domain by hand.

DesktopCatcher is the only tool you will need to automatically search, analyze and register expired domains in almost EVERY possible extension. Best of all, successful domain registrations only cost you standard registration fees with zero auctions! Continue reading to learn more about our software.

Why Do People Drop Catch Expired Domain Names?

The reasoning behind domain drop catching is simple. If there is good domain becoming available for new registration then you most likely won’t be able to register it by hand. At this day in age, lots of people are looking over daily lists of deleting domains and registering them for investment or development purposes. When this occurs it becomes a race to register the domains you want before your competitor does. Sitting around and waiting to register a good expired domain by hand likely won’t happen because other people will be using automated tools like DesktopCatcher.

The purpose of our software is to help you easily search, analyze and then automatically register the expiring domain names that you want. DesktopCatcher can be an extremely powerful tool for people in a variety of industries including domain investors, internet marketers, webmasters, search engine optimization experts, and anyone else who enjoys the process of picking up good virtual real estate that others don’t renew! Look over the features listed throughout our website and see which registrars you can use to automatically catch expired domains.

Search and Register The Domain Names You Want!

Our software gives you the ability to pull and scan through lists of expired domains which are currently in the final Pending Delete stage of the drop cycle. Search through these lists (or use your own source) to find the names you want. Then, let DesktopCatcher help you acquire them!

Once you’ve purchased our software it will cost you nothing to chase after expired domains each day. You will need to pre-deposit funds into the registrar accounts that you wish to use, but these funds will all go towards your registration fee’s

When you chase after a domain, there are two possible outcomes:

1) You successfully catch the domain for standard registration fee and it appears directly inside your customer account at the registrar.

2) You do not catch the domain and are not charged anything.

The image above illustrates the lifecycle of an expired domain.

Domain Registration – Domain is registered to someone and not available. (1 to 10 Years)

Domain Expires – Domain expires and is not renewed.

Auto-Renew Grace Period – Once a domain name “expires” it is technically auto-renewed by the registry. The registrar of the domain name then has anywhere from 0 to 45 days to transmit the delete command on the domain. If a delete command is not issued the domain name will be kept per the registry-registrar auto-renew process. (0 to 45 Days)

Redemption Grace Period - During this time the original registrant can still “redeem” a domain typically for a fee between $60 and $250. If the domain is not redeemed it will move into Pending Delete status. The registrant can still “redeem” a domain in redemption, meaning it is not guaranteed to reach the Pending Delete stage. (30 Days)

Pending Delete– Pending Delete is the last status before a domain name will be released by the registry. All domains that go into Pending Delete will expire within 5-days. A domain that hits “Pending Delete” status will drop 5 days later and can try to be acquired using our software. When looking for domains to chase with our software you should be looking at “Pending Delete” status domains.

DesktopCatcher – Domain is released from registry and caught by a drop catcher.

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