DesktopCatcher comes stacked with features that you won’t find in other publicly available domain drop catching software out on the market. Browse through the listed features below and see why both SEO experts and domainers everywhere use it daily! As a bonus we’re also giving all customers a free copy of our eBook, The Ultimate Guide to DesktopCatcher. This eBook walks you through every step of the process from finding expired domains to setting up registrars and catching them!

API Drop Catcher

Our API Drop Catcher is the main tool within this expired domain application. It gives you the ability to enable up to ten different domain registrar APIs which will run simultaneously to try and register the expired domains which you are wanting to drop catch. These include DynaDot, Gandi, OnlineNIC, OpenProvider, eNom, RRPproxy, Internet.bs, MijnDomeinReseller, and NameSilo.

IDN Drop Catcher

Our IDN Drop Catcher is one of the most unique features inside DesktopCatcher. This tool allows you to drop catch expired IDN domains in a variety of different languages utilizing the DynaDot API. Those who enjoy drop catching internationalized domain names can do so in languages including Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Asturian, Avestan, Awadhi, Balinese, and over 50 others!

Bulk Domain Analyzer

Analyze large lists of domains for a variety of different SEO metrics using the Bulk Domain Analyzer tool. This utilizes the MOZ API and lets you quickly pull different metrics including Page Authority, Domain Authority, Spam Score, MozRank, and Link Counts for as many domains as you’d like. Load and then analyze large lists of expiring domains to see which ones have decent SEO value.

Bulk Domain Availability Checker

This tool is one that many SEO experts use daily! It offers three different methods for checking domain availability on extremely large lists. Unlike the features above which will check domain availability dozens of times per minute, this tool only checks them once. SEO experts scrape large lists of domains from authority websites and then use this tool to see which are available. It’s a great tool that can be used to find quality domain names that dropped months ago!

Search Deleted Domains

Pull and browse through full lists of expired domain names (Pulled Directly via NameJet Feed) and find which ones you want to try and drop catch with DesktopCatcher using a variety of different filtering options. Preview lists for upcoming days (Up to 5 in Advance) and then search through them before their scheduled drop date. Users also have the ability to pull expired domain lists from up to 4 years in the past and utilize the same great filtering options on those as well!

Bulk Anchor Text Checker

This helpful tool makes checking the anchor text on backlinks fast and simple! Load a list of backlinks into the tool and then enter the domain name you wish to check the anchor text for. This tool will go through your entire list of backlinks and check for the domain you entered. It will then give you a list of the anchor text used on each of your incoming links.

Bulk Esitbot Tool

Users that have an Estibot account with API access can use the Bulk Estibot Tool to appraise thousands of domain names automatically! For example, you can pull tomorrows list of expiring domains and run them through this tool to see appraisals for all of the upcoming drops quickly.

One-by-One Mode

This feature increases your odds of successfully catching more COM/NET domains by focusing on one specific domain at a time. Rather than constantly cycling through every single domain in your list, this feature will arrange your domains in their proper drop order and then focus all requests on just the first domain dropping for the day. Once that domain has been registered (by you or someone else) it will then automatically move onto the next.

WhoIs Check

Similar to One-by-One mode, WhoIs Check is another option you can enable to incrase your odds of successfully catching more domains! If enabled the software will automatically perform a WhoIs lookup after checking each domain. If the domain has already been registered by someone else then no more requests will be sent. Instead, those requests will focus on other domains in your list to increase the odds of catching those. Supported extensions include COM/NET/DE/NL/IN/CO/UK.

Run on Schedule

Start and stop your drop catching activities automatically using the scheduler feature! You can choose to specify your desired time frame, or just click one of the preset time frames which you can set for yourself at anytime. Either way, our software will then automatically start and stop checking your desired domain names at its scheduled times; Whether you’re in front of the computer or not!

Scheduler Presets

Users can save up to six different time frames in the scheduler. Since expired domains drop at the same time each day you can save preset time frames for the extensions you chase most often (for example: 1PM-2PM). Then, press a button to automatically set your scheduler anytime!

Live Chat Room

Join in the discussion with everyone else by using the Live Chat feature inside our software. The live chat room is always open and you’re invited to discuss almost anything you’d like domain or SEO related. Keep in mind, there is no advertising allowed and we ask that everyone be kind and professional to others while inside the chat. Admins will occasionally drop in and say what’s up!

Alert Notifications

Both email and sound alerts are available to notify you anytime an expired domain has been successfully registered. Enjoy instant notification anytime you successfully catch a domain!

Automatic Updates for Life

By purchasing a licensed copy you become entitled to free automatic updates for the lifetime of this application. Each time you launch DesktopCatcher it automatically checks for a new update. When one becomes available you will be prompted to download and run it. This will make sure you’re always running the most up-to-date version which is important since new tools are constantly being added and current registrar APIs are always being updated!

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