Five Great Features in DesktopCatcher

Five Great Features in DesktopCatcher

One huge benefit to buying a licensed copy of our software is that you also get access to a variety of extra tools which can be used to help everyday webmasters and internet marketers. Even if you aren’t trying to register dropping domain names on a daily basis, this software probably has some extra features that you can make use of just as often. In the list below I’m going to highlight five different tools and features this software comes with that you might not even be aware of. Whether you’re an SEO expert or independent webmaster, I believe all of these can help make your job easier!

Bulk Domain Availability Checker – This tool was created with both domain investors & SEO experts in mind. There are dozens of different tools out there that can scrape or compile domain lists from across the web. But, there’s no accurate tool for quickly checking availability on all of those domains. That’s exactly where the Bulk Domain Availability Checker comes in. Open this tool and load your list of domains. It has the ability to check multiple domains in every request to speed up time and can also check the availability on tons of different domain extensions. Domain investors who want to quickly check the availability on large lists of domains (for example, a compiled list of all four letter .COM domain combinations) can also make great use out of this tool!

Bulk Domain Analyzer – A great tool for anyone doing SEO! The Bulk Domain Analyzer can be used to quickly find DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority), and Incoming Link counts on your desired domains. Whether you want to get DA/PA details for domain names which will be deleting in the near future, or just want to check the DA/PA on a list of domains that you currently own or manage, this tool can handle the task for you automatically and quickly. All you need to do is setup a free MOZ API account and save your details into the software. Once that’s done, free users can analyze up to 1 MILLION domains per day!

Bulk Anchor Text Checker – If you’re familiar with backlink building then you can probably make good use out of the Bulk Anchor Text Checker tool. One great example for using this tool would be someone buying backlink packages on a website like Fiverr. A user may visit Fiverr and purchase a link packages which contains XX or XXX number of links going back to their website. Once completed, the user would want a quick way to check all of those links and verify they are real. They may also want to see what anchor text is being used for each link. Rather than doing this manually (which would take hours) they can load the list of links into this tool and put in the domain they wish to check. Once started, it will visit each page and check for validation. If listed, it will show the anchor text being used. It’s an extremely fast and simple way to verify link existence and anchor text for thousands of backlinks at once!

Register a Variety of Domain Extensions – This feature pertains specifically to our main drop catching tool. Most customers aren’t aware that DesktopCatcher doesn’t just catch expired .COM & .NET domains. It can actually be used to automatically register expired domains in specific county code extensions as well. That includes (but is not limited to) DE, IN, CO, BE, IT, CO.UK, and many others. To go along with that, many registrars now even support new gTLDs too. That includes (but is not limited to) CAMERA, BERLIN, CAREER, CAB, CLUB, ONE, DENTAL, XYZ, and many others. If you’re an SEO expert who needs to register specific ccTLD domains for ranking a clients website in certain country then this tool can help! If you’re from a foreign territory and need to register domains for your country then our software will most likely work with your countries extension as well!

Search Deleting Domains – This tool is pretty self explanatory. We all want to see what domains will be deleting and become available for new registration in the upcoming days. That’s where the Search Deleting Domains tool comes into action! Once loaded, you can select which date you want to see expired domains for up to four days in advance of them dropping. You also have tons of great filtering options so you can decrease the size of your list and make it quicker for scanning and analyzing. Filter expired domain lists based on domain extension, length, dashes/numbers, keyword, and more. Everyone who buys expired domains (no matter what the reason) will need to know what domains are becoming available in the near future. Some websites even charge a monthly fee for access to these lists. By purchasing a licensed copy to DesktopCatcher you’ll have access every single day!

Whether you currently run just one website or one hundred, every minute of time saved can be spent doing other tasks needed in order to make your online business succeed. DesktopCatcher is a tool which every webmaster should own in order to save both time and money. If you buy or analyze domain names on a regular basis then this software should definitely be part of your arsenal!

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