DynaDot Drop Catcher

The Dynadot API Drop Catcher

Our DynaDot API Drop Catcher is coded around the latest version of the DynaDot API and will automatically register domains directly into your DynaDot user account. This registrar is one of the most popular among drop catchers and our software has proven a great success when catching expired domains using them in the past. Most users like the speed and pricing with DynaDot and because of that, we’ve actually added the ability for our software to run two DynaDot API keys simultaneously. With great speed and low cost API access everyone should run at least one of these!

DynaDot Drop Catching Extensions

DesktopCatcher supports all extensions offered through the DynaDot API. You can view a list of supported extensions on their website HERE. DynaDot does require some extra information for certain country code extensions (ASIA/CA/CN/DE/PL/TEL/US/UK/XXX). Before chasing these extensions be sure to login and hover over the Domains menu. Then, select TLD Settings and fill in the required information for whichever extensions you plan on chasing.

DynaDot One-by-One Feature

This unique feature takes your list of COM/NET domains and automatically arranges them into their exact drop order. DesktopCatcher will take your domains and check them to see which one will drop first, second..etc. Once in order, this thread will put all of its focus on just one domain at a time. So, rather than cycling through your entire list of domains, it only tries to register the first domain which is suppose to drop. Once that domain has dropped and been registered (by you or someone else), it will then move onto the second domain, and so on. This increases your odds of catching more COM/NET domains because all focus is being put on one domain at a time!

DynaDot Drop Catcher Limits

The DynaDot API is a top choice for catching expired domains because the only limit in place requires that only one request be sent at a time. There is no limit on speed and there is no daily limit on the number of requests which can be sent. The only API limit that DynaDot currently has in place is that you can only try to register one domain at a time. Great limits and the fact that there is no minimum deposit required to get API access makes them one of the most popular registrars in use today. We recommend everyone create a DynaDot account and deposit enough funds to cover at least a few registrations. This is all you need for API access and full use of them within our software!

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