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by Matt on DesktopCatcher
Great product and absolutely exceptional customer support.

Product overview

If you know what sells, DesktopCatcher will make you some very good money. It's as simple as that really. I've been in the industry for approximately 3 months now and I'm starting to grasp what sells well, my profits are certainly a reflection of this.

Customer service

As everyone has said below, Andrew (the owner) is an extremely helpful person. I'm really not a techy person and Andrew has basically had to held my hand through times of me making stupid mistakes... he reponds promptly in a very informative manner.


by Pete on DesktopCatcher
Great Software/Great Support

I have been using the software for a couple of months it has been very useful. It also gets updated often with the ever changing domaining world. Even better is the top notch support you get from Andrew!

by Jack on DesktopCatcher
Great software for catching deleting domain.

I was a little skeptical at first but decided to give DesktopCatcher a try because Andrew's response and support was so great. With Andrew's help and advice, setup was easy. I caught two of three domains on the first first day. I am now a believer.

by Andy on DesktopCatcher
Great software with extraordinary support

I purchased the software in December and have procrastinated writing this review.

At this point I have caught 40 domains with the software. I honestly believe that the software gives me a substantial edge over someone trying to register manually.

You should buy this software if:

You normally buy domain names and are after domains that are sought after. The software attempts to catch domains as they are released

You should not buy this software if:

You expect to catch every domain on your drop list. If you are after very popular domains, you aren't the only one. Even though you have a chance of catching a domain, there are others doing the same.

The most important part of the purchase for me was the support and customer service. Andrew is very responsive, goes into a great deal of detail and has not only helped me with the software but also has shared a good bit of knowledge with me. I would definitely recommend DesktopCatcher

by Cecile on DesktopCatcher
A Great DropCatching Software+ Fantastic support

So, firstly, let me say that the support is absolutely great- I had several questions and requests and there was not a thing i have not been helped with.

The software is also Great- I have catched several domains that are easily worth $1K+, and have also catched a bunch i was able to resell for 50$+ in no time, software payed for itself within a very short time. I recommend it to everyone who is looking for a Drop-Catching software.

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