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Great Product And Absolutely Exceptional Customer Support.

Matt on DesktopCatcher

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Product overview

If you know what sells, DesktopCatcher will make you some very good money. It's as simple as that really. I've been in the industry for approximately 3 months now and I'm starting to grasp what sells well, my profits are certainly a reflection of this.

Customer service

As everyone has said below, Andrew (the owner) is an extremely helpful person. I'm really not a techy person and Andrew has basically had to held my hand through times of me making stupid mistakes... he reponds promptly in a very informative manner.

Great Software/Great Support

Pete on DesktopCatcher

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I have been using the software for a couple of months it has been very useful. It also gets updated often with the ever changing domaining world. Even better is the top notch support you get from Andrew!

Great Software For Catching Deleting Domain.

Jack on DesktopCatcher

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I was a little skeptical at first but decided to give DesktopCatcher a try because Andrew's response and support was so great. With Andrew's help and advice, setup was easy. I caught two of three domains on the first first day. I am now a believer.

Great Software With Extraordinary Support

Andy on DesktopCatcher

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I purchased the software in December and have procrastinated writing this review. At this point I have caught 40 domains with the software. I honestly believe that the software gives me a substantial edge over someone trying to register manually. You should buy this software if: You normally buy domain names and are after domains that are sought after. The software attempts to catch domains as they are released You should not buy this software if: You expect to catch every domain on your drop list. If you are after very popular domains, you aren't the only one. Even though you have a chance of catching a domain, there are others doing the same. The most important part of the purchase for me was the support and customer service. Andrew is very responsive, goes into a great deal of detail and has not only helped me with the software but also has shared a good bit of knowledge with me. I would definitely recommend DesktopCatcher

A Great DropCatching Software+ Fantastic Support

Cecile on DesktopCatcher

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So, firstly, let me say that the support is absolutely great- I had several questions and requests and there was not a thing i have not been helped with. The software is also Great- I have catched several domains that are easily worth $1K+, and have also catched a bunch i was able to resell for 50$+ in no time, software payed for itself within a very short time. I recommend it to everyone who is looking for a Drop-Catching software.


DF on DesktopCatcher

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To be frank, I didn't have high expectation when I purchased, but it surprised me with 10 catches out of 24. Next day I caught 7 out of 16. Also, Andrew is very helpful and supportive. He explains things in every minute detail.

Awesome Drop Catcher - Fantastic Customer Support

K R on DesktopCatcher

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In the past, I was using a different drop-catcher. I accidentally stumbled upon and it was one of the best accidents that could have ever occurred to me. Desktopcatcher is fast at trying to catch names and setting up an API with several of the companies was quick and easy. Even better than the drop-catcher is the customer service you will receive from Andrew. Andrew was kind enough to share a wealth of information with me. It was as if I was taking a drop-catching course and a class on search engine optimization. The drop-catcher was a bonus compared to the useful information Andrew was kind enough to assist me with. Don't get me wrong. I've been buying, selling, parking and brokering domain names for a while now. In the domain business, you can learn new techniques and strategies from just about anyone. Thank you so much, Andrew for going above and beyond for me. You are one of the nicest people in the domain business that I've ever come across. :) Sincerely, K.R.

All In One Software For SEOs

Niz on DesktopCatcher

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Desktop Catcher is a must-have software for everyone who wants to find quality domains for his link building purpose.

Desktop catcher is not just a drop-catcthing software but it includes a lot more tools like BULK Domain Availability Checker and BULK Moz check. People would charge like $40 each for these features but Andrew has already added these features for free.

Talking about drop-catching the 'One-by-One Mode' makes sure it targets domain when its about to drop. You dont need to buy domain drop times lists because the 'One-by-One Mode' automatically figures out the domains which are about to drop first.

Apart from the software. the support is just awesome plus Andrew keeps updating the software. You can just check the release docs page to figure out how often the software is updated.

Overall this software is one of the very best investments. I would recommend this software.

I would also like to thank Andrew for putting together such a wonderful software which I believe would get more features in the coming days.

PS: I have used dropking too earlier which is so costlier than this and has an ugly interface now. Desktop Catcher is 10x better than all other drop catching softwares.

Investment Back In Less Than 24 Hrs

Gowtham on DesktopCatcher

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I heard about "Destop catcher" from one of our reseller, I waited for him to test the software. Once he said it was working good, i have purchased a copy of it and started snapping domains, on very first day to my surprise i got 2 domains out of 4 i have been tracking. I have Used (Godaddy API / resellerclub API), which was amazing.

I sold to my customer for a good decent amount, which covered all my expense made to buy "Drop catcher" $200 was fully recovered in less than 24 Hrs.

I have spent lot of knights with out sleeping to do the same thing manually which i was doing with "desktop catcher" now.

I have also requested Andrew for few more options in "F", with out any delay he said he was already working on it. That was nice to here.

Regards Gowtham

Amazing Software

ChandraKanth on DesktopCatcher

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Now its the time to review. I purchased the software around 20 days back, i started using it fully only few days back, i wanted to grab some high PR domains.

I set up api's and let the software run, out of the 3 i was wishing to catch i grabbed 2 of the domains of my liking in my niche. Previously i used to wonder how to grab domains without spending $69 or more each time on back-ordering services.

I already got my $$ back which in invested in the software. Btw, i also requested Andrew for some discount and he gave me. This guy is amazing when it comes to support.

Amazing support

Ryan on DesktopCatcher

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It's rare in this industry to run in to software developers who consistently improve their software without a subscription fee. The support for drop catcher is awesome.

I shudder to think of how many tools I have purchased over the years. Some great, some okay, and some horrible. This software is easily the best purchase I've made in the last 12 months.

My Testimonial

Hans on DesktopCatcher

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Since starting to use Desktop Catcher I have successfully caught many profitable domains using the software. And as a result expanded my domaining business. At times I was pleasantly surprised with the caliber of domains captured, which means there are nuggets not being actively pursued through the big dropcatching companies and you can acquire them for reg fee. Also, Andrew provides phenomenal support, continuously develops the software and is always willing to listen to new feature suggestions.

Best by far

Mac on DesktopCatcher

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I think I must have tried them all over the last year or so but without doubt, this desktop catcher software is the best there is on the market...BAR NONE.

Many others promise this and that but what makes this software really stand out is the quality and efficiency of the support provided.

I bought one well known branded domain catching software and trying to get help or answers once installed was similar to getting blood out of a stone. I dropped it after 3 weeks as what is the point of buying a product and then finding the support is shambolic?

With desktop catcher, Andrew provides superb support and gives you vital helpful information to finding where and how to catch dropped domains..unheard of with other similar software.

If you are looking for a top quality value for money product to help you find and purchase dropped domains, then this is the software for you.

Must have software

Mark on DesktopCatcher

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I was looking for software to catch various domains, both for seo and development. While there are a few options, most have very poor reviews or offer zero support, most that is except desktopcatcher. I was lucky, I searched around online and consistently saw good reviews for desktop catcher. I took the the plunge, and soon realized it was the right choice. A great manual is provided, however being rather keen to get stuck in I didn't read it! I soon needed support, which was provided within in hour or so (and we are in different times zones). Had I read the manual I would not have needed support, so I now know the support is 1st class.

So I was ready to do , I pre loaded a few accounts and left it, having tried manual catching, the fact you can just it and walk away is worth more than the asking price alone. Like any type of domain catching the more times you can hit the servers, the higher your chances. This software has the ability to add 2-3 accounts from the same provider such as dynadot. This put simply increases your chances.

Support is genuinely great, I have exchanged emails basically just asking for advice etc and always get a prompt, friendly reply. This software works and works well. We all know it is a lottery catching domains so why not make your life so much easier and use this software and get on with other things because that is exactly what I do. So big thanks for releasing this software and the regular updates you carry out.

Regards Mark

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