Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Yes. DesktopCatcher is not a free application.

Answer: No, the software runs on VPS, all you need is a remote desktop application to connect.

Answer: The Search Deleted Domains tool allows you to pull and search through lists of upcoming dropping domains for up to 4 days in advance. Along with that, you can also pull and search through older lists of domain that were deleted as far back as 4 years in the past!

Answer: We will setup a virtual private server for you with the software already installed. VPS login details will be sent to the email you signed up with once the server has been setup, usually within a couple of hours. All virtual private servers are accessible using Remote Desktop Assistant. This tool comes with every version of Windows and Linux/Mac users should have a remote access tool available as well.

Answer: AJM.Domains, DynaDot, eNom, Gandi, Internet.bs, MijnDomeinReseller, NameBay, NameSilo, OnlineNIC, OpenProvider, and RRPproxy.

Answer: You can run multiple instances of DesktopCatcher on one computer, but you cannot use the same registration key on multiple computers. Monthly leased customers are not allowed to move the software from the server that it comes per-installed on. Discounts are available for customers who wish to purchase additional licenses. Contact us if you would like more information about obtaining a second license key.

Answer: Our software does work. However, nobody can guarantee you will be able to catch a domain once it drops. Even the biggest drop catching companies out there like DropCatch, NameJet and SnapNames cannot guarantee this. When an expiring domain drops it then becomes available for anyone to register, first come – first serve! We recommend running multiple registrars to increase your odds of success.

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