ResellerClub Limits ReAdded

ResellerClub Limits ReAdded

We recently made an announcement that ResellerClub would be disabled in our newest upcoming release. After receiving some feedback from our users we’ve decided to keep the ResellerClub API active inside DesktopCatcher. Although we are keeping this registrar active, we’ve decided to re-enable the daily limit that this registrar was using in a previous version.

What do we mean by a daily limit? Each day your ResellerClub API will be limited to 1000 domain availability checks. After you’ve sent 1000 requests our software will automatically stop the ResellerClub thread and it will be reset again the following day. The limit is put in place to prevent anyone from sending too many requests to the registrar.

ResellerClub isn’t as “drop catcher friendly” as some of the other registrars in our software and we would recommend using some of the others before turning to ResellerClub (Specifically NameSilo, Godaddy/WildWestDomains, Moniker and eNom). Don’t forget, if you need a free ResellerClub account you can learn how to obtain one from us Here!

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