New Version Released (v5.4)

New Version Released (v5.4)

The latest version of DesktopCatcher (5.4) is now available to all users! Next time you launch the software you should be prompted to complete the new update. This latest version brings for some small bug fixes and another useful new tool. Read more about all the latest fixes and features below!

IDN Drop Catcher Added – There is now an IDN Drop Catcher available under the Tools menu. This is just another new tool everyone can take advantage of to drop catch expired IDN domains. DynaDot is currently the only supported registrar.

Fixed Bugs With BAK Files – There was a small bug related to the creation of BAK files. This has now been fixed.

Changes To Email Alerts – There were a few issues with the Email Alerts box and being able to test emails and save changes. These have now been resolved as well!

That about covers it! If you haven’t picked up a copy of this software yet then I suggest you do so now. More new features are on the way and it’s best to grab your copy before there are any price increases. If there are any new features you’d like to suggest please feel free to contact us through the website or on Twitter!

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