Review of CheapWindowsVPS

Review of CheapWindowsVPS

A while back I wrote this post about how to use a virtual private servers (VPS) for running DesktopCatcher and increasing things like your convienence, speeds and success rates. There is no doubt this method works well and since then a bunch of domainers from around the world are now running their drop catching software from virtual servers. At one time I thought Burst was the best solution for leasing your Windows VPS. I even wrote an entire post about buying and setting up your Burst VPS here. Well, times are always changing and to say the least, I no longer recommend using for Windows VPS. To make a long story short, their support just wasn’t up to par when it came to resolving issues on their Chicago network. That lead me to drop them and it wasn’t too long after that when I signed up with CheapWindowsVPS.

After testing them out for some time I have to say, for anyone wanting to run their domain drop catching software from a Windows VPS – this is the company to use! Let me list just a few of the differences between these two companies.

Price – With the coupon code I provide you with below, you’ll be able to signup for just $7/month and receive practically the same server specs as Burst – Only for about $6 cheaper per month!
Configuration – Burst doesn’t automatically enabled RDP (Remote Desktop) access on Windows VPS accounts. This can make things difficult for some users and is exactly why I had to write a long detailed blog post about how to login and set all of that up once purchasing your account. The nice thing about CheapWindowsVPS is that they automatically configure all this for you. Just signup, pay, and receive your remote desktop login details! Once logged in you can download your copy of DesktopCatcher to the server and begin drop catching! It’s much faster and easier to get up and running as compared to Burst.
Customer Service/Technical Support – Burst was extremely bad when it came to their network issues, customer service, and technical support. The VPS server was online – but there was absolutely no web access – for weeks. After multiple trouble tickets with the technical support team they still couldn’t get it resolved. In the end, they wouldn’t compensate a small amount of money for their network problems and couldn’t even resolve the issue. I managed to get the heck out of there, but I know some other DesktopCatcher customers had to be moved over to a new server in a new part of the country.

If you decide to try running DesktopCatcher on a Windows VPS then I recommend buying this plan. Use the coupon code HAPPY30 during checkout and receive the price of $7/month for life. Once you get your details via email just login using Remote Desktop and download your copy of DesktopCatcher. If you need help with that just contact us!

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