Keep Your Drop Catching Lists Short

Keep Your Drop Catching Lists Short

This tip will surely help you when it comes to successfully drop catching more domains. It’s simple – don’t have too many domains in your drop catching list each day! You have to remember, the higher quality the name is – the more people who will probably be going after it. When your drop catcher is running it will have to check every domain you have listed. The more domains you have listed the longer it will take for the program to get entirely through the list and back onto the first domain again. This is why having a fast drop catcher that can check multiple domains each second gives you better odds of a successful registration. Don’t forget how competitive the domain industry has become these days. Lots of people make great money catching expired domains and flipping them to end users. Therefor, you always want to give yourself whatever kind of edge you can get.

If you plan on drop catching more competitive domains such as or then you probably don’t want to have more than 3-4 domains in your list each day. If you are using a slower API such as the DynaDot API then you may want to keep it at 2 max. If you’re using the fastest API our software works with (ResellerClub) then you could probably catch multiple domains in one day with a list of 5 or 6 decent quality domains.

If you plan to try drop catching less competitive domains such as a brandable two word .COM then you should be able to fit a few more domains onto that list and comfortably have a chance at catching one or more of them. Keep your list around 5-7 domains if you are using a fast API such as ResellerClub, and keep it around 3-4 domains max if you are using a slower API such as DynaDot.

Keep these tips in mind when you are out looking through domains that will be deleting today or tomorrow and trying to decide how many you plan on chasing. Remember, the more domains you have in your list – the longer it will take to check all of them and get back to the first one. The more time you wait between checking a domain is the more time you give another person or script to snatch it up. Keep your drop catching lists fairly short and it should increase your odds of getting it!

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