Review: Daily Best of The Drop

Review: Daily Best of The Drop

This list is perfect for those who are in a bit of a hurry and don’t really care to spend a few hours every day looking over the list of deleting .COM and .NET domains. Each day SnapNames updates what they call the Daily Best of the Drop list. This small list is compromised of about 50 domains which are considered to be the top picks for the upcoming day. The list can be useful whether you plan on drop catching domains yourself or just back ordering them through one of the bigger companies out there.

I would recommend this list.. That’s why I decided to write about it. For drop catchers who use the DesktopCatcher software, I would recommend finding domains in this list that you like and then searching for them on both NameJet and SnapNames first. If the domain already has bids on either of these websites then I would recommend not trying to drop catch it. Since there are already bids through the bigger companies they will probably beat you to catching it.

For those who prefer to back order domains then you can quickly place you order directly through SnapNames by clicking the Place Order button next to the domain you want. If you would prefer to back order through NameJet then simply visit their website and search for the same domain there. Place your back order and see if it’s filled the next day!

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