New Version Released (v4.8)

New Version Released (v4.8)

There has been quite a bit going on with DesktopCatcher this month. There have been two new updates released in the past week or so alone. Although the last one was pretty minor with only a few small changes, this latest update has actually been pretty major. I have personally spent a number of hours since releasing the last update going though most of the code line-by-line and making a number of changes and tweaks.

I didn’t bother writing a blog post when version 4.7 came out because the updates were so minimal. If you’d like, you can still read about them in the Release Notes section. Version 4.8 brings quite a few changes though. These aren’t big cosmetic changes or new API’s, but allot of tweaks and fixes going on in the background, along with a few cosmetic updates. I’ll go over just a few of the biggest features in more detail below.

Live Chat Room Back Online – After much request, the live chat room has now been put back online. If you’ve got some spare time jump in and see if anyone else is talking about domaining!

Major Changes to DynaDot Thread – There have been some big new changes to the DynaDot threads which has shown great results in testing.

Tweaks to the WhoIs Check Feature – We’ve made some changes to the WhoIs Check feature which should help in the performance of removing domains once they’ve already been caught for the day.

Ability to Drop Catch .CN Domains with ResellerClub – We’ve now added the ability to drop catch .CN domains with ResellerClub.

Many Others – There are so many other little tweaks and cosmetic changes that have been made I can’t list them all here.

If you haven’t already grabbed your copy of our drop catching software then I highly recommend you do so before your competition snatches domains from under you! As always, check back at this blog for more new updates when version 4.9 is released!

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