How to Increase Your Drop Catching Odds

How to Increase Your Drop Catching Odds

As I stated in one of my previous posts, when you are serious about drop catching you will find that seconds and milliseconds play a huge role. The faster you can check a domains availability then the faster you can register it before your competition does. Domain registrars have different specifications when it comes to the number of times you can check a domains availability either per minute or per hour. Our drop catching software already knows these specifications and will automatically check domains as quickly as the registrar will allow (depending on which API you are using). If you are sending more requests then the registrar allows their system will see this as being abusive behavior on your part. When that happens your IP will normally be banned from anywhere between 10 minutes and 24 hours (once again, this depends on which registrar API you are using). So, what is it that I mean by increasing your odds of successfully drop catching a domain?

Well, lets say that you see is deleting today and you decide it’s a domain you want to try and drop catch. You open one copy of our DesktopCatcher software and set it up to run the NameSilo API. This particular registrar will allow two domain checks every second. Now, say you also decide to open a second copy of our DesktopCatcher software on your computer. You set this copy up to check the same domain but using the ResellerClub API instead. This particular registrar will allow 100 domain checks every 60 seconds. Congrats! You have now just successfully increased your odds of drop catching today! Want to increase your odds even more? Now open a third copy of DesktopCatcher and set this one up to run the DynaDot API. This registrar will allow just one request at a time.

Running two or more copies of DesktopCatcher at the same time using different registrars is an excellent way to have more domain availability checks going at once without abusing one registrar and risking a temporary IP ban. Remember, if you go this route then there is no telling which registrar will actually catch the domain you’re going for. That isn’t really a big issue though – domains can always be transferred!

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