Best Domain Parking Companies

Best Domain Parking Companies

While drop catching and successfully registering deleted domains is half the battle; Developing, parking, and monetizing these caught domains can be just as big of a job. Whether you chase deleted domains for flipping or traffic purposes, different parking companies work better for different domain names. I’ve decided to compile a small list of the best domain parking companies you can join to increase your odds of either selling more domains or earning more revenue from your parked traffic.

I have personally used all of these domain parking networks in the past and can verify that not only do they pay on time, many offer in house Escrow services to guarantee your domain sales go through smoothly.

Sedo – Sedo is a great option for those who are looking to flip domains. Their pay-per click isn’t the highest so those with traffic domains should consider some of our other recommendations. However, when it comes to selling your domains for profit Sedo is great option. Not only is their Escrow system fast and completely safe, they have great representatives who always want to help complete a sale. Along with that, the SedoMLS program has partnered with a ton of different registrars out there. As long as your domain is registered through one of the MLS partners you’ll get extra exposure by parking your name there with a fixed buy it now price. This increases your domains exposure and the chances of getting a sale!

Afternic – Afternic has always been another good option for those wanting to flip domains. Similar to Sedo, Afternic used to have their own network of partnering registrars where you could gain extra exposure for your domain sales listings. However, Afternic was recently acquired by GoDaddy and they have reported big plans with it for the future. Expect to see many of the GoDaddy Auction stuff moving over into Afternic. I would recommend everyone go and create an account before the big changes take place. While I would normally list GoDaddy Auctions as a recommendation for those looking to sell domains, Afternic will probably soon take over GoDaddy Auctions!

DomainApps – This is probably the best option out there for those of you who have traffic domains or would prefer to have content on your parked domain instead of just ads. DomainApps has a large selection of great templates along with plenty of pre-written content to automatically fill up your domain. You have the ability to edit some the pages and add links or other little snippets of code you may need to put in there. Whether you decide to park your domains with ads or content, you’ll be earning money for every click generated! This company has been around the parking industry for a while and although they don’t offer any kind of Escrow system to help you sell your domains, they do have an option that lets you easily tell visitors the domain is for sale. It even includes a simple contact form interested people can use to contact you.

TheParkingPlace – TheParkingPlace, which also owns, offers a different type of parking for your domain names. While other domain parking companies place text link ads on your domain and pay you for each click, TheParkingPlace pays you on a CPC, CPM, and CPA basis. This means they aren’t just throwing text link ads in front of your visitors face. Your visitor may get redirected to an affiliate offer or other better converting page. This network is a great choice for domains that have traffic, but isn’t recommended for domains that need content or that you want to try and flip for profit.

All of the websites listed above are trustworthy domain parking companies. If you register lots of domains then parking is a great solution for getting some quick content or ads on there. Doing this will take advantage of any traffic the domain might already be receiving. Join some of these companies and start earning more revenue from any traffic your names may be receiving!

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