New Version Released (v6.6)

New Version Released (v6.6)

The newest DesktopCatcher update features quite a few new updates and tweaks inside. While there isn’t anything brand new added into this update, there were lots of little things that have been adjusted and should make for better performance. Have a look below to see more details about each of the new changes.

Updates to OnlineNIC API – It appears OnlineNIC may have recently changed server IPs. Since that happened, some users were unable to connect to the server in order to setup their contact ID. This has now been fixed! To go along with that the CC/TV/CO.UK extensions also had to be removed from OnlineNIC because their API doesn’t seam to support them any longer.

Updates to Gandi API – A number of changes and tweaks were made to the Gandi API which should make it a little faster as well.

Added EU Extension to rrpProxy – Per customer request, we’ve added the ability to drop catch EU domains using the rrpProxy API.

Updates to NameSilo API – Some users would occasionally receive timeouts when using the second NameSilo thread. This has now been adjusted and the thread should no longer timeout for anyone.

Changes to SEO Tools – A number of changes and tweaks have been made to the Bulk Domain MOZ Analyzer and Bulk Domain Availability Checker tools. This should make them faster and more reliable for everyone.

As always, things are already underway for the next release! If you’ve got any ideas or suggestions then feel free to submit them using the contact page. Otherwise, I wish everyone the best of luck with all drop catching ventures. I’m excited to bring all of you the next version and if you don’t already a copy I suggest you think about grabbing one today!

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