Numeric Domain Sales Growing

Numeric Domain Sales Growing

Back in May I put together an article (Here) that suggested different investment ideas for domainers around the world. One of the main things I discussed was the growing popularity for numeric domains in the Chinese market. These include all the different combinations of 3 and 4 number domains like or Well, needless to say the Chinese haven’t stopped buying and the number of numeric domain sales continues to rise each month! We all know 3 number domains in the most common extensions like COM/NET/ORG have held steady resale value in the reseller markets for a while now. However, it’s just been in the past year or so that 4 number COM & NET domain sales have really taken off too. The most recent trend now looks to be in the .CC extension. Those of you drop catching might want to start keeping an eye out for expired four number .CC domains and try to grab them if possible. These are definetly worth investing in right now! With that in mind, keep your eyes pealed for good deals on 3 number .CC domains along with 4 number .NET domains as well!

One thing to remember is that I’m not telling you to run out and buy all the four number domains you see! Extensions like ORG, INFO, BIZ, and CO are not hot right now. Will they ever be? Nobody knows! What I recommend doing is going with whats on the rise and what you can get a potential find good deals on. Paying backorder fees on a 3 number .CC or trying to drop catch a 4 number .CC with DesktopCatcher is certainly worth it, but I wouldn’t stray off into other extensions that haven’t picked up any speed yet! Let’s have a look at some of the most recent .NET and .CC sales because these are what seams to be the hottest right now. – $568 – 1/20/2014 – $700 – 5/4/2014 – $571 – 5/16/2014 – $680 – 5/18/2014 – $1,236 – 6/2/2014 – $1,075 – 6/5/2014 – $810 – 6/16/2014 – $1,167 – 1/7

These are just a few recent sales I was able to dig up on a couple domain sales history websites. While you won’t become a millionaire with these types of domains, drop catching them up for normal registration fee could certainly bring a nice return on your investment! Consider going after some and adding them into your portfolio – You never know when an offer may come rolling in!

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