New Version Released (v4.2)

New Version Released (v4.2)

The latest version of DesktopCatcher has just been released and there are some great new features in this update – especially if you drop catch ccTLD domains! I’m going to keep this post a little short and to the point so have a look below to see what the latest update includes.

Added NL extension to There were previously some issues with drop catching NL domains using This has been fixed so you can catch NL domains with!
Updates to DynaDot – Made a small bug fix and some other updates to DynaDot.
Added DE extension to rrpProxy – You can now drop catch .DE domains using rrpProxy!
Added .CO/COM.CO/NET.CO to Search Deleted Domains – Users may have noticed that we previously had a filtering option for the .MOBI extension under Search Deleted Domains. Since that extension isn’t included since we’ve re-done this feature, we replaced that extension with .CO, .COM.CO, and .NET.CO! This means you can now search for upcoming deleting domains with those extensions.
Added IT extension to – Users now have the ability to drop catch .IT domains using! Keep in mind, you must live within Italy or the European Union.

As always, expect even more great new features and updates soon. We have more plans for adding additional ccTLD extensions to different registrars so look for more of these coming in the near future as well! If you have any questions before purchasing our software then use the Contact link above to get in touch with us.

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