Now Accepting Bitcoin

Now Accepting Bitcoin

I’m happy to announce that we’re now accepting Bitcoin payments for DesktopCatcher license keys and monthly leases! After some short deliberation, we decided it would be a great idea to give everyone another popular payment method they can choose to use when competing their software purchases through our website. Bitcoin has become extremely popular over the past few years and tons of domain investors have started accepting them when selling off their domain names. With that in mind, we figured they would be the perfect fit when adding another payment gateway into our system. If you have some extra funds in Bitcoin and aren’t sure what to do with them – Buy your very own leased or licensed copy of DesktopCatcher and begin catching great expired domains!


All BTC conversions should be handled for you automatically by our system during the checkout process. If you run into any questions or issues then please contact us and explain the steps you were taking to complete your purchase. We’ll be happy to assist in completing your order using the Bitcoin purchasing method. Happy domaining!

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