New Version Released (v5.1)

New Version Released (v5.1)

September brings another DesktopCatcher update! This one has quite a few little tweaks and updates to it. I was originally going to try and squeeze another registrar into this update, but with some OnlineNIC API bugs it held things back some. Anyways, I’m glad to report those are fixed – along with a number of other stuff as well. Here’s the latest in Version 5.1:

Updates to the Bulk Availability Checker – This update is for those checking large domain lists for availability using the Bulk Availability Checker add on. This feature can now send multiple domains in each request.

Added .BE to rrpProxy – Per request, the rrpProxy API now supports the .BE extension.

Fixed Minor Bugs with OnlineNIC – The OnlineNIC API wasn’t working properly since it was just added in the last update. That has now been fixed and this registrar is working smoothly.

Changes to the One-By-One Feature – There have been some minor adjustments made to the one-by-one feature. In order to use this feature now you will need to make sure that you have at least one NameSilo account enabled. Along with that, additional API’s now support the use of the one-by-one feature. Along with NameSilo and DynaDot, the one-by-one feature now also works with ResellerClub, rrpProxy, and Fabulous. Keep in mind, you will still need to have at least one NameSilo account running to use the one-by-one feature. However, we recommend using all other registrars which now support it as well!

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