New Version with Major Updates!

New Version with Major Updates!

The latest version of DesktopCatcher (version 1.8) has just been rolled out and included with this update were some pretty major changes. You can expect to see even faster performance out of our drop catching software now because we’ve added in two new additional registrars! Not only that – some minor fixes have been made to one of our previous registrars making it even faster now!

What’s Been Updated in Version 1.8?

  1. eNom API – The eNom API has now been integrated so now you can drop catch domain names directly into your eNom account!
  2. Free eNom Reseller Accounts – Normally eNom charges a non-refundable $195 one-time fee to get your reseller account activated. We can setup free reseller accounts for you under us – bypassing the $195 setup fee! Just contact us to get your free account setup!
  3. ResellerClub API – New changes have been made to the ResellerClub API speeding times up from about 4-5 seconds down to a steady 1.5 seconds between each call. Instead of sending direct registration attempts our software is now performing an availability check first – then sending to registration only once the domain is available.
  4. Moniker API The Moniker API has now been integrated so you can drop catch domain names directly into your Moniker account!


These new updates are certain to help increase your odds in drop catching. If you haven’t already tried out our software then we suggest purchasing and giving it a try. More updates are coming in the future and thousands of new domain names with good opportunities continue to expire every day!

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