New Version Released (v4.3)

New Version Released (v4.3)

A new minor update for DesktopCatcher has just been released! Although this update doesn’t contain any big changes, it does have a couple new features that ccTLD drop catchers may enjoy. There’s also a little something for you COM/NET drop catchers as well if you take advantage of the one-by-one feature!

New Extensions Added to rrpProxy – We’ve now added the ability to drop catch .CH domains with the rrpProxy API. You can now also drop catch .FR domains using the rrpProxy API as well.

Added An Extra Day to the One-by-One Feature – Previously, you were only allowed to set the one-by-one feature to run on the current date. You can now setup the one-by-one feature for today’s date or tomorrows date! Perfect if you are planning to schedule to drop catcher for one day in advance and want to take advantage of the one-by-one feature.

As always, keep an eye on our blog for more new drop catching tips and software updates in the near future!

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