New Version Released (v5.2)

New Version Released (v5.2)

It’s only been a short time since Version 5.1 came out, but there were already so many changes and improvements to this software I just had to get Version 5.2 released to everyone this month as well! This new update includes quite a few more things than I had initially thought it would. It includes lots of little tweaks and one or two bigger features as well! I’ll highlight them all below.

Fixed ‘Add Domains’ Button under Search Deleted Domains – This feature was previously disabled because people trying to add domains directly from the Search Deleted Domains box weren’t getting added properly. This has now been fixed and re-enabled!

Minor OnlineNIC Update – Made a small change to the OnlineNIC one-by-one feature so it works a little smoother now.

Bulk Domain Analyzer – This is a big new feature available under the Tools menu. You can now insert large lists of domain names and get their SEO metrics using your MOZ API Key. Those who don’t have one can obtain this for free Here. Get information including MozRank, Page Authority, Domain Authority, and Link Count.

Bulk Availability Checker Updates – There have been more new changes and features put into the Bulk Domain Availability Checker add on.

Fixed RU Extension Issues in ResellerClub – There were previously some issues with drop catching Russian domains using ResellerClub. This has now been fixed and those who wish to drop catch .RU domains can now do so.

Things don’t just stop here! Version 5.3 will be out sooner than you think and there are some pretty big updates planned for that one as well. If you haven’t already picked up your copy of DesktopCatcher than now is the time do so. There could a price increase in the near future so grab a copy while you still can at this unbeatable price! As always, contact us if you have any questions and check back at our blog soon for more news and updates about our expired domain drop catching software.

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