New Version Released (v4.0)

New Version Released (v4.0)

We’re happy to announce that DesktopCatcher version 4.0 has just been released and is now available for all customers to upgrade. The latest version of our domain drop catching software features some pretty big fixes and changes. We’re confident that all of these recent updates will only continue to help you successfully drop catch even more expired domain names. Be sure to look over all of the specifics because there have been changes with a number of registrars.

Fixed some ccTLD errors with Hexonet – There were some minor bugs with the new ccTLD extensions we launched in the previous update of DesktopCatcher. These have been addressed and should all be working properly now. We also added the .ME extension!
Loading Domain List Updates – We made some changes to how our software loads your domain list. You may also notice that there is no longer a Clear button above the Domain List box. From now on, when you click Load the software will automatically clear your previous list for you. Also, it will automatically remove any blank spaces or lines that may be inside your file.
Changes to One-by-One feature – We made more adjustments to the One-by-One feature in both the DynaDot and NameSilo threads.
General Minor Bug Fixes – There were also some miscellaneous minor bug fixes throughout portions of the software.
Ability to Run Two GoDaddy API’s – Users now have the ability to run a second GoDaddy/WildWestDomains API if they wish.
Removed WhoIs Check from Moniker – This feature needed to be removed as it was kind of pointless. Moniker is already checking domain availability before it tries to register so the WhoIs Check feature wasn’t needed.
Other GoDaddy Changes – We made some minor adjustments to both the first and second GoDaddy/WildWestDomain features. Check back soon for a new post discussing more about the new GoDaddy updates.

Although the list above may be long, there are even more changes underway already! If you haven’t already taken advantage of our New Year discount then I suggest you do so before the promotion ends. As always, check back here soon for more new updates, tips, and more in the world of domain drop catching!

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