Selling Your Domains

Selling Your Domains

There is still plenty of money to be made in the domain aftermarket. Just last week I was able to drop catch a simple domain with DesktopCatcher and then flip it within a couple of days for low $XXX profit. Big domain investors who spend high $XX on new registrations each day are probably hitting multiple sales like this each week! Think about it, that new .COM registration cost me $8 and returned over 20 times what I paid to register it. That one sale alone would have paid for the software and domain registration with a little change left over.

So, how did I manage to sell this one so quickly? Do you think I caught it, parked it and within a couple of days had someone contacting me desperately wanting to buy it? Well, the truth is that scenario doesn’t happen very often unless we’re talking about real premium domains. This particular name didn’t have a huge end user pool so I figured it would be best to put some work in myself and send out a few quick emails. Sure enough, within a day I had someone responding to my email wanting to know a price. Now comes the next bit of work required to finishing this quick sale.

I decided to hit up Google and Yahoo to perform some searches on their company. Look up their domain and whatever other useful information I can find on their website. This gave me some good insight on how big the company may be, what kind of revenue the company may have, how many employees are working there and so on. All of this information can help me gauge a good price that I believe they could budget for and accept without scaring them away or very much negotiation. The particular company at hand was pretty new. Along with that, it was only a one person team. Now, if the potential end user pool for this domain would have been larger I may have quoted them a slightly higher price knowing there may be other interested parties who haven’t emailed me back yet. In this case I came up with a number I thought they could afford and would still make me a decent return. It all worked out and this easy drop catch added to my domaining profits! Once you successfully catch some domains put a little work into actively selling it. Send out some quick emails and make it friendly but not spammy. If their interested they’ll email you back. Otherwise, move on and don’t be a bother. At least now they know the domain is for sale and who to contact should they want it anytime in the future.

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