Now Offering Free eNom Reseller Accounts

admin March 12, 2013News

We are pleased to announce that all DesktopCatcher users can now obtain a FREE eNom reseller account directly through us. If you are not already aware, eNom normally charges for you to get API access with them. They offer different reseller plans you can signup for with the cheapest being a non-refundable one time fee of $195. This is only to get your reseller account setup and get API access enabled – then you must still pre-deposit funds to register your drop caught domains with. Now, we offer you a simple way around that! We can setup a completely FREE eNom reseller account for you directly under ours. This will completely bypass the one-time $195 non-refundable deposit you would normally have to make in order to get your reseller account setup. Don’t forget, you will still need to pre-deposit funds that will go towards registering domain names that you drop catch. However, you won’t have to pay anything to get your account all setup and ready for use with our drop catcher. Just contact us to get your free eNom reseller account setup and we’ll get back with you within 48hrs.