New Version Released (v2.9)

New Version Released (v2.9)

This evening was the official launch of DesktopCatcher version 2.9 and although there was only one major change in this update, it’s a pretty useful and highly requested feature! So, what is the newest feature you can expect to use in this latest version? Continue reading below and find out.

WhoIs Check – The WhoIs Check option will show up in the Settings – API Settings – REGISTRAR tab. You can choose to check and enable this feature for all registrars within the API Drop Catcher and GoDaddy Drop Catcher. What the WhoIs Check feature does is check the whois record on each domain in your list every time it gets checked by your selected registrar(s). Once the “Creation Date” shown on the whois record matches that days date it will be automatically removed from the list. This means whether you successfully catch a domain or your competitor does – you won’t waste time continuously checking a domain that has already been caught!

With this new feature enabled under all registrars you will no longer waste time trying to register domains that have already been drop caught for the day. It’s just another great feature that will help increase your odds of catching more domains each day! We still have some other great features that we’re currently working to get implemented and released in our domain drop catching software. Check our blog again soon for more details about other upcoming features!

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