New Version Released (v2.6)

New Version Released (v2.6)

The newest release of DesktopCatcher is now published and all users will be prompted to automatically update next time the software is opened. This latest update (version 2.6) includes the minor updates which are highlighted below.

Success Drop Catches – In a previous update we talked about DesktopCatcher now having the ability to remove successfully caught domains from all registrars you have enabled and running. We had to temporarily disable this feature because of bugs but should have it enabled and running smoothly again in a future release. As of right now the software will still remove domains you successfully catch from the registrar you catch them with, but not all others you have running.
File Checks on Launch – Our software needs to check that a few files exist once launched. These files are only needed for troubleshooting purposes and some users reported error messages that certain files may be missing. This has now been resolved and users shouldn’t see anymore file errors.
Secondary Registrar Added – This feature is actually an addon to the current GoDaddy Drop Catcher that’s in place. You can now enable the F option along with all five other threads. This will incorporate the API with the GoDaddy drop catcher and should improve success rates with both GoDaddy/WildWestDomains and InternetBS. Although we can’t get much more in depth about it here, look for a blog post dedicated to this new feature shortly.

As always, use the Contact feature at the top of this page if you have any questions about our domain drop catching software. Check our blog soon for more new posts and updates about DesktopCatcher!

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