New Version Released (v2.8)

New Version Released (v2.8)

There has been allot of coding happening lately and our users are continuing to see the positive effects from that! I’m happy to announce that DesktopCatcher version 2.8 is now officially live and will be updated the next time users open the software. This new update comes with some pretty big changes that should help all domainers catch more expired names! Read the highlights below to see what new features version 2.8 brings.

WhoIs Drop Catcher – It’s finally here! The WhoIs drop catcher allows you to choose one of three different registrars (, eNom, and NameCheap). When enabled, the software will check domain availability via a third party whois server. Once your domain becomes available it will then be registered through the registrar of your choice.
NameCheap Registrar Now Available – Domainers now have the ability to create an account with NameCheap and use them within our software. Since NameCheap does not allow simultaneous API requests we can only feature them in the WhoIs Drop Catcher.
ResellerClub Daily Limit Dropped to 900 – This change was done to reduce the number of API requests being sent over to ResellerClub. It may be change again in the future.
Your IP – A new feature that displays your IP address directly in the software. This is the same IP you’ll need to use when registering your API access with most registrars.
Pull Domains Fix – We had reports that some users in the UK had problems with the “Pull Domains” feature. This is now fixed and should pull domain lists without any error.

As always, there is plenty more to be done in order to help increase everyone’s odds of drop catching good domains. Check our blog again soon for new posts and updates about the next program update which should be released within the next month.

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