Snatch Expired Domains with Ease

Snatch Expired Domains with Ease

The expired domain industry isn’t quite what is used to be four, five or even ten years ago. With economic crises happening throughout multiple countries over time does have an impact on this industry. When people have less money they register fewer domains and will usually let their junk domains expire. Over the past few years that has caused for fewer domains to be deleting as a whole. On top of that, fewer good domains are now dropping and becoming available for new registration.

Although these numbers have decreased over time, the domaining industry as a whole continues to be extremely popular and new people still get into it everyday. The business of snatching expired domains and reselling them for profit certainly isn’t rocket science and the potential for big returns is always there. It really isn’t that easy though. There’s allot of competition out there and some of that competition has big money to spend. For newbies, small businesses and individuals with a smaller budget it’s important to have a reasonable game plan in mind and not to focus on premium keyword or dictionary .COM domains that will never be obtained outside of auction. The key to success for some domainers is to find good expired domains that aren’t getting bids at websites like NameJet and SnapNames. These deleting domains may not be worth a $60 bid to investors out there, but they may still have a small market of good potential end users one could solicit and sell the domain to. When someone can snatch a domain on the drop for registration fee and then resell it for a couple hundred bucks the return is still great. On the other hand, if you can’t manage to sell the domain you’re only into it for the cost of registration and not the final auction price.

This is exactly where our domain drop catching software comes into play! Use one or all of the seven different domain registrars integrated and automatically snatch domain names right when they become available again. It’s a fast and easy way to register a domain before another party can beat you to it. Put yourself ahead of the competition and increase your odds of catching better quality domains by running DesktopCatcher against expired domains you want to catch on a daily basis!

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