New Version Released (v3.2)

New Version Released (v3.2)

Let’s get November started with a bang! DesktopCatcher version 3.2 is now out and the next time you open the software you’ll be prompted to complete the update. This new version includes some new features and a few small bug fixes. Read more about each update below.

API Settings Update – You may notice when running a new update that your API details get erased and need to be re-entered. This has been changed and these details are now being stored into individual registrar setting files which won’t be lost in anymore future updates!
Fixed Minor Bug with Hexonet – Made a minor change to the Hexonet thread. This was previously giving some users an “UNKNOWN ERROR” response.
Changes to the ResellerClub Thread – New changes to the ResellerClub thread will slow it down slightly, but should improve success rates overall!
Changes to the DynaDot Thread – New changes to the DynaDot thread should improve performance and prevent any ban issues.

If you haven’t already claimed your copy of DesktopCatcher then now is the time! More new updates are already underway and you can expect to see another update (as well as a possible price increase) in the near future. Check back at our blog for more updates and information about drop catching domains and our domain drop catching software!

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