Some New Website Updates!

Some New Website Updates!

There has been some demand for some new website features and that’s exactly what this blog post is announcing! If you’ve been to our website before then you may notice some small changes from your last visit. Here is a summary of the recent website changes and updates.

DesktopCatcher Leasing Option – We decided to give users the ability to lease our software on a monthly basis for a few reasons. Firstly, we wanted to give new clients a way of testing without having to pay for a licensed copy. Secondly, some users didn’t need to own licenses.

By leasing a copy of DesktopCatcher you don’t actually own it. Instead, you basically rent the software from us on a monthly basis. The software comes to you pre-installed on a 2.0Ghz Windows virtual server which you can login and take advantage of anytime you want! Learn more about this on the Lease Your Copy page.

Added a Services Section – We now have a Services section in the menu which lets visitors view different domains we have for sale and also submit backorder requests.

Language Translation Flags – This was added about a week ago. Anyways, there are some translation flags available at the bottom of each page in case you would like to convert a pages content into another language. Current available languages are Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, English, and Turkish.

These updates are just a few of what is still to come for our members! A small domain club, affiliate program, and other ideas have been discussed and should be available through our website in the future. As always, check back at our blog soon for the latest!

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