DesktopCatcher License (Monthly Payment)

While some of our clients prefer to purchase this software and download it directly to their own computer, others would rather lease DesktopCatcher on a month to month basis and let us host it for them. There are many advantages to leasing our software, but if you plan on using it for more than a couple of months we recommend purchasing a copy instead. This will save you money in the long run! Leased copies come with our software already pre-installed on your very own 2.0GHZ Windows virtual private server. Customers will receive login details to their virtual private server (VPS) and the software will be ready for setup once you’re logged in. The only configuration required by you is creating and enabling registrar accounts in the software. All virtual private servers are accessible via Remote Desktop Connection which comes standard on most computers.

Leased copies are not the same as purchased copies. If you purchase this software then it will cost slightly more, but you’ll have the ability to download it on to your own personal computer and use it forever. If you decide to lease your copy of DesktopCatcher then it will only be available on the virtual private server which is rented to you on a monthly basis. Failure to make your monthly payment will result in a loss of both your server access and your access to the software. We recommend you only lease this software for testing purposes or if you only plan to try out domain drop catching for a short period of time. Note, there are no refunds or money back guarantees on leases.

By downloading and installing this software onto your computer or server you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

40GB2GB1 Core1000GBMonthly License

Virtual Private Servers May Take A Few Hours To Setup.


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