DesktopCatcher License (One Time Payment)

A lifetime DesktopCatcher license offers you one registration key with full access to our software for just one low price! Registration keys may only be installed and ran from one machine at a time. Users may contact us and request their key be reset so that it can be moved to another machine at anytime. Visitors looking to catch expired domain names temporarily (or those who are drop catching for the first time) may want to consider our leased option since it would allow you to test our software while paying on a month to month basis. Free software updates are included and lifetime license key owners will be able to download DesktopCatcher instantly once their purchase is complete. Contact us with any other questions.

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Windows UsersMAC UsersLinux UsersPackage
XP/Vista/7/8/10/ServerUse ParallelsUse WineLifetime License

Registration Keys Are Not Sent Until Payment Has Been Verified.

Full Description

DesktopCatcher is a unique Windows-based expired domain drop catching tool. This software has the ability to run on Windows computers and servers, MAC computers running Parallels (or other Windows virtual desktop) and Linux computers running Wine. It has the ability to automatically register expired domain names once they are deleted and become available for new registration. Along with that, DesktopCatcher also has the ability to search and analyze extremely large lists of domain names for different metrics including EstiBot information, MOZ domain authority, MOZ page authority and MOZrank. Part of what makes DesktopCatcher so unique is not only the multi-threaded backend, but also the grade-A features that you just won’t find in similar applications on the market! With DesktopCatcher open you can perform all of your daily drop catching duties from just one user-friendly application. Search through domains that are scheduled for deletion each day and analyze them for investment quality or SEO metrics. You can choose to be alerted via email anytime a new domain is registered and also run during a specific time of the day by utilizing the scheduler. Easily view domains that you successfully catch by choosing to automatically save successful catches into a local text file. This application currently supports one dozen different registrars including AJM.Domains,, NameSilo, rrpProxy, NameBay, OpenProvider, MijnDomeinReseller, OnlineNIC, Gandi, eNom, and DynaDot. Quickly increase your drop catching odds by enabling all ten registrars and running them at the same time. What are you waiting for? Purchase your lifetime license of DesktopCatcher and start drop catching expired domains today!