The Value of PageRank Domains

The Value of PageRank Domains

There is always discussion about whether or not pagerank will actually improve your Google rankings. Some people think it does and others believe that your pagerank will not play a big factor in determining your rankings. Whether it actually does or not, having a higher pagerank can increase buyer confidence when selling your website or domain. Along with that, those who like to buy backlinks would rather buy pagerank (PR) backlinks going to their website as opposed to PR N/A or PR0 backlinks. This is exactly why Google pagerank domains can be worth drop catching. Below are a few types of people who normally chase expiring PR domains.

Quality Backlink Builders – Since we all know quality backlinks play a big role in getting search engine traffic; Many website owners will drop catch these pagerank domains and then develop blogs or mini-sites on them. Once that is done they will use these websites to link back over to their main website, providing a good quality pagerank backlink which will help boost their main websites search engine rankings. By purchasing expired PR domains these website owners can quickly build lots of mini-sites and blogs to grow a high number of quality backlinks going to their websites.

Blog and Link Networks – Other people prefer to buy these pagerank domains at registration cost and then throw some quick content (or even an auto-blog) onto the domain so they can then sell backlinks on the PR sites. Other website owners out there will pay to have their links added onto these websites with pagerank. Just drop catch some PR domains, throw some content on them and then visit webmaster forums to begin selling link space for profit. Some website owners do this with dozens of websites and make decent money off of it.

Pagerank Domain Flippers – This one is pretty straight forward. Some other people prefer to drop catch PR domains and then visit different domain forums to sell them. Think about it, drop catch an expired domain for registration cost and then flip it quickly on a domain for three or four times your cost!

The one percausion to take when chasing expired pagerank domains is to make sure the pagerank is valid. You can easily verify a pageranks validity by visiting and typing in the following:

If you search the following command and see the main page as a result then the pagerank should be valid. You can also use a website like to verify a domains pagerank. Always make sure a domains pagerank is valid before you ever try to chase it. Aside from that, the higher the pagerank the better!

Where can I search for expired pagerank domains?
Searching for them is simple. Just visit and setup a free account. Once you’re logged in click the “Other Domains” tab at the top. From there, select the “Pending Delete” box. Next, click the “show filter” link and proceed to filter by any extensions, age, length or deletion date that you want. Once you’ve completed your search there should be a PR column there. Next, click that column to sort the list by the highest pagerank first. Use this method and find tons of great expiring domains that have valid pagerank. Then, proceed to drop catch them with DesktopCatcher!

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