Now Offering Domain Lists

Now Offering Domain Lists

Visitors can now download free domain lists directly from our website! Download these lists and browse through them to find expired domains you may want to drop catch or backorder. You may download any of four different types of domain lists. Keep in mind, all of these lists are different and they all serve different purposes. Let me go through each of the different types below and explain them a little bit further.

Pending Delete Lists – Pending Delete domains have already expired and gone through the entire process of deletion. The domain names are now scheduled to be deleted and become available for new registration on the given date. Avid domainers will download these pending delete domain lists and see which domains will be dropping on the given date. From there, they can decide whether to run our software and try to catch the domains themselves – or place a backorder through our website and let us try to catch it for them!

Zone File Lists – A ‘zone file’ is basically an extremely large list containing domains currently registered in a particular extension. For example, if you were to download and open the COM zone file list from yesterday then you would see every .COM domain currently registered through yesterdays date. You would also be able to see what nameservers each of those domains currently uses. We recommend that you only download the zone files if you really need them and know how to use them. Zone file lists can be up to a couple hundred gigabit in size and may take a while to download.

NameJet Pre-Release Lists – The reason NameJet calls these domains ‘Pre-Release’ is because they haven’t been released to the central registry for deletion just yet. Domains in NameJet Pre-Release lists are currently expired, but NameJet is giving users the ability to bid on them before they go into “Pending Delete” status. If a domain receives a bid , it will never reach pending delete and instead will just be sold off to the highest bidder. If the domain doesn’t receive any bids then it will continue into Pending Delete and will now show up inside the pending delete lists on the day it’s set to be deleted. So, how is this possible and does it apply to every single domain out there? The answer is NO! Only domains that are registered through NameJet partners (including Network Solutions and Enom) will show up in the Pre-Release lists and be available to bid on before they hit pending delete.

SnapNames Available Soon Lists – The SnapNames ‘Available Soon’ lists are very similar to the NameJet Pre-Release. Only, these are domains registered through SnapNames partnering registrars including Moniker and Dotster. As with the Pre-Release lists, users have the ability to bid on these names and claim them before they ever reach “Pending Delete” status.

We hope that by making these lists available to everyone it will help them find more great domains to drop catch. We all know that there are tons of good domains dropping each day, but sometimes the problem can be finding them! Whether you’re looking for domains to drop catch yourself or domains to backorder, using these lists in the proper manner should be able to help you be more successful with both methods!

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