The Updates Keep Rolling..

The Updates Keep Rolling..

January and February have been busy months! I know the last blog post I made regarding a new update being released was back at version 1.1 which feels like a while ago now. I’m happy to say that the current stable version of DesktopCatcher right now is version 1.4 which includes a number of great changes and updates. Let me highlight some of them for everyone below.

1) Fixed a number of minor bugs with, Dynadot and ResellerClub (including speeds and domain registration details)

2) Made a few new changes to the main interface including a Save Log button to easily save your registration attempts log and also a Recent Sedo Sales scroll (which you can easily disable) to view some of the most recent domain sales from Sedo.

3) Changes to support the new ResellerClub API key. If you are familiar with ResellerClub then you know that this was a very recent change they put into effect. All resellers are now issued an API key rather than having to use their ResellerClub password for API calls.

I’m happy to say that we are in the process of getting even more put into this software and the next version (1.5) should be released soon! What can you expect to see? Just wait and see!

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