How to Get Free Credits on Flippa

How to Get Free Credits on Flippa


One online marketplace that has really gained lots of publicity over the last several years is Flippa. If you’re not already on Flippa then I suggest you go and create a free account! It’s one of the largest online marketplaces to buy and sell your domain names, websites, and mobile phone applications. Users can choose to list their domain names for sale in a portfolio free of charge, or pay to have an auction for started instead. Although auctions aren’t free, they get the most exposure and best odds of completing a sale. It’s worth the money to list your domain or website if it’s of good quality, but to get the most money for it you need to be purchasing upgrades so your auction receives the maximum amount of user exposure.

Everything I listed above costs money. You have to pay to get your auction started, and then pay to get the most views and money for your auction. What if there were certain things you could to get some free Flippa credits and reduce those costs? Well, the tips I’m about to give you below will do just that! Browse over these suggestions and give them a try on the website. You will find that although Flippa charges for a number of its best features, they also give you a number of ways to take advantage of them for free. Most other domain marketplaces won’t do this!

Provide Domain Appraisals – This suggestion might only be available for a limited time. Members can visit the website, hover over the “Domains” menu, and select “Appraisals” to leave their personally value on domain names submitted by other members. Leave at least 15 domain appraisals and receive 9 free credits. That’s enough to list one free domain auction! You can earn a maximum of 1 free listing per week and this costs you nothing. Just login to your account and appraise other member domains to earn 9 free credits that can be used on whatever you want!

Pay Attention to Flippa Emails – Once you become a Flippa member you may find that they send out allot of emails. Don’t just move these to the trash bin! I always suggest people open and read through the emails. You will find that Flippa is always sticking little freebies and promos in the emails they send out. Although you may not find free credits, you can find discounted upgrades!

Visit the Blog – If you can’t always read the emails that Flippa sends out then I recommend you visit and read over their blog. They often cover the same information in their blog that is covered in their emails, so certain promotions may be included there as well.

Once you’ve got a new auction up and running it’s a good idea to try and do some proactive marketing on it yourself. There are simple tips you can use to get more exposure and visitors into your auction at practically no cost. Have a look at this other post I put together a while back: Tips for Selling Domains on Flippa. In that blog post I’ve listed a number of simple things you can do to bring in more views and bids on your Flippa auctions!

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