New Version Released (v4.9)

New Version Released (v4.9)

I wanted to write a quick blog post about the latest update for DesktopCatcher which has just been rolled out (v4.9). This is a fairly minor update, but those of you chasing .CO.UK domains will love it! Have a quick look over the newest updates in this release and see what’s coming in version 5.0 by reading more below.

Drop Catch .CO.UK with DynaDot – Users who want to chase .CO.UK domains can now use DynaDot along with the other 3 registrars currently supporting this extension inside our software. With the ability to run two DynaDot accounts at once, this means you can now dedicate another two threads towards chasing .CO.UK domain names!
Fixed .AT Bug with DynaDot – This was a bug one of our users caught. Anyone trying to chase .AT domains through DynaDot should be able to do so now.
Changes to the ‘Share Successful’ Feature – This was a minor change that users won’t really notice a difference with. However, if you choose to enable the ‘Share Successful’ feature then domains you successfully catch will be shared and featured on our website!

Development for version 5.0 has already gotten started and there are going to be some major updates coming soon. We’ve been talking with a new registrar that looks to be faster and better than all other options currently available. New features in v5.0 combined with the amazing features already in place is guaranteed to bring DesktopCatcher up to a whole new level. If you haven’t already picked up your copy (with free lifetime updates) then do so before the price increases. Check our blog regularly for even more details and information about our upcoming v5.0 release!

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