Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

The holiday season is here and another new year is upon us! This past year has been wonderful and was an absolutely huge year for DesktopCatcher. We barely launched the software around one year ago and thus far it has grown way beyond what we initially expected! There are new things in the software now that we never thought would be added within a year. Take a look at some of the biggest events to happen throughout 2013:

  • Our two biggest competitors sold off and dropped out of the game. (DropKing Here and Snatcher)
  • Our software started with only four registrar APIs. Over the past year that has jumped up to the current amount of eleven supported registrars!
  • We initially had no way to remove successfully caught domains. Since then we added the ability to remove successful caught domains, then the ability to check whois and remove the domains whether you caught them or someone else did, and now we even have the ability to arrange them in the proper drop order and then remove them once they’re registered. This one feature itself has been updated three times over the past year!
  • The GoDaddy and WhoIs Drop Catchers were both added during 2013.
  • We’ve added a “Domain Lists” feature to the website for free pending delete and zone file downloads.

These are just a few of the features that were added and updated throughout 2013. If you think the software is great now just wait until we’re into next year!

Domainers were originally able to purchase a copy of DesktopCatcher for just $99.99 when it first launched. Since then the price has gone up to $149.99 and then $199.99 just because of updates, demand and performance increases. However, we want to finish off our first entire year the same way it was when we started – Offering domainers a copy for the low price of just $100!

Use this coupon code to take 50% OFF your copy of DesktopCatcher: CHRISTMAS

You probably won’t see a discount like this on our domain drop catching software ever again! The new year calls for new features and all copies include free updates for life! In previous posts I’ve talked about getting your copy of DesktopCatcher before the price goes up. Well, this is probably your last chance! If you don’t already have a copy of DesktopCatcher then checkout now using the coupon code above to take 50% off!

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