New Version Released (v4.1)

New Version Released (v4.1)

I feel like it’s been a while since my last post. What better way to get things going again then with the announcement of a new software update! DesktopCatcher version 4.1 is now out and users will be prompted to update the next time they open it. This new version comes with some great updates that everyone should be able to take advantage of. Let me highlight them all below.

New ‘Search Deleted Domains’ Update – Some of our users were experiencing issues with the Pull Domains feature. We’ve completely re-written the Pull Domains feature and it should now work for all users. It also runs faster now!
Added the .BE extension to DynaDot – All users who want to catch .BE domains through DynaDot can now do so!
Update to ‘Load Domains’ button – The software will now remember your file location once you browse to a domain file.
Update to NameSilo – All NameSilo threads now support these extensions: CO – ORG – BIZ – INFO – MOBI – ME as well as COM – NET
Update to – Users can now drop catch .FR domains using Keep in mind, you need to set your FR details in the API Settings area. Users also have the ability to specify the time between each request. This helps for those extensions that drop all throughout the day. You can set the software to check a domain every second, or every 10 minutes – you choose!

Don’t worry – There is still plenty more on the table and coming in the future! Check back on our blog soon for more information about domain drop catching as well as more details about future updates for DesktopCatcher!

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