Setting up MijnDomeinReseller in DesktopCatcher

Setting up MijnDomeinReseller in DesktopCatcher

As many of you already know, we’re always looking for new registrars that we can get added into DesktopCatcher. The more registrars you have running and sending requests – The higher your chances are of snatching an expired domain. Our most recent update included a great new registrar that users can signup with and begin running anytime. This short article is going to walk you through joining MijnDomeinReseller and getting everything setup with them inside the application. Keep in mind, their website is only available in Dutch right now so you may want to have Google Translate open while setting things up initially. I’ll do my best to try and translate what I can to get you going. Once you’re all setup you shouldn’t need to do much but manage your domains!

Daily Request Limits – It’s important to note that MijnDomeinReseller puts a limit on the total number of requests which you can send to their API each day. Users are limited to 1500 daily requests after which they will receive a message saying their limit has been reached. This resets each day at 00:00 and users can take advantage of the “Custom Pause” option under the MijnDomeinReseller API settings to stretch these requests out. If you plan to chase domains with small drop windows then no adjustments should need to be made. However, if you plan to chase COM/NET domains then you may want to set a 3-to-5 second pause so the length of time it takes to reach your 1500 daily request limit will be longer and more spread out.

Step 1: Create Your Account
The first thing you need to do is create your account with MijnDomeinReseller. To do this, complete This Form and wait for your account to be activated (this shouldn’t take longer than 24hrs).

Step 2: Create Your Contact
Now that your account has been activated and you can login, it’s time to setup a contact for your domains. Login to your account and select Contacten -> Toevoegen. Complete the required information here and then submit it. Once submitted, you should see your ContactID on the next page. This will look something like this: WEPA-0001

Step 3: Add Your Desired Nameservers
You are required to add at least one set of nameservers to automatically set on your registered domains. You can use the nameservers of your favorite domain parking or web hosting company and these can always be changed later on. If you’re unsure what to use here, use what I provide in my example below. First, login to your account and select Nameservers -> Toevoegen. Enter your information similar to the way I have it here:
Naam* – sedo
NS 1 –
NS 2 –

Step 4: Add Funds into Your Account
One nice thing about MijnDomeinReseller is the fact that there is no minimum deposit required. You need to have enough funds added to cover your domain registration costs, but this can be something small to start with ($20-$30). To add funds just login to your account and select Account -> Financieel -> Opwaarderen. You should also note these other important sections as well:
Account -> Financieel -> Promoties – Current Promotions
Account -> Financieel -> Overzicht – Account Overview
Account -> Financieel -> Prijzen – Domain Pricing

Step 5: Enable API Access Inside Your Account
Now that your contact has been created, your nameservers have been entered, and your account has been funded; It’s time to enable API access. To do this just login and select Account -> Instellingen -> API. Check the box Activeer de API voor uw account. Finally, add the IP address from the computer running DesktopCatcher into the API ipadres box. If you also look under API logingegevens you will see your API username. I recommended resetting your API password below that!

Step 6: Putting it All Together
You’ve setup everything necessary and now it’s time to add all the required information into the software. Get the following information from the steps above and put them aside because you will need to enter them into the DesktopCatcher settings: ContactID from Step 2, Naam from Step 3, API Username/Password from Step 5. Open DesktopCatcher and browse to Settings – API Settings – MijnDomeinReseller – Key. Enter your API username and password, ContactID, the required nameservers Naam information here. If you plan on drop catching .ES domains then you will also need to enter your ID or Passport Number. Press the Submit button to save your settings and you’re done!

That’s all there is to it. Once you’ve completed each of the six steps above then you should be able to start drop catching more expired domains immediately. Those of you wanting to chase .DE domains will need to make sure and use a ContactID which has German information! As always, contact us if you run into any questions or problems when trying to setup MijnDomeinReseller.

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