New Version Released (v3.1)

New Version Released (v3.1)

The newest updates with DesktopCatcher keep rolling! I’m happy to say that Version 3.1 is now complete and available to update the next time you launch the software. This new update includes some pretty big changes that I personally think everyone will both enjoy and be able to take advantage of using. Let’s dive right into the updates that are included with the latest version of our domain drop catching software.

Hexonet API Added – Lots of you have recommended it. Now, all of you have it! Hexonet is a great registrar that runs at about one domain registration attempt every second. With lots of funding options and a minimum pre-deposit of only $5, everyone should be able to get this option running inside our software!
DynaDot API Updated – DynaDot recently introduced their latest API (version 3) and we have made the necessary changes to update from their previous API (version 2).
Windows XP Bug Fix (Pull Domains) – Users on Windows XP 32-Bit systems were previously having problems using the “Pull Domains” feature inside the Search Deleting Domains tool. This bug has been fixed and users on Windows XP shouldn’t have any other issues when it comes to browsing deleted domains.

As always, if you’ve purchased a copy of DesktopCatcher then you are automatically entitled to these free updates for life. If you haven’t already purchased your copy then do so now before the price goes up! As more and features are released, the price will continue to increase. As always, Happy Drop Catching!

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