New Version Released (v5.3)

New Version Released (v5.3)

This is just a quick friendly post to let everyone know DesktopCatcher version 5.3 has just been released. This is a minor update with some minor bug fixes and only a few small changes which I’ll go in more detail about below. Those of you taking advantage of the Bulk Domain Availability Checker tool will benefit from this most recent up! Here are the basic updates:

Bulk Availability Checker Updates/Changes – Fixed some minor display issues with Available/Not Available/Error domains. Also added multi-threading plus some better handling of really large domain files.

Minor Changes to the Bulk Domain Analyzer – A minor change to this which should also help with load large domain lists.

Those are the only changes in this most recent update. The main reason for such a quick new update was to handle a few bugs that came up with the Domain Availability Checker. Don’t forget to follow DesktopCatcher on Twitter to stay updated with all the new releases and blog posts!

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